For the 2018 exhibition we worked closely with Sam Gregory of the TogCast to put into place a new Q&A question time format at #Connected where all our guests over the weekend would be involved in a lively q&a session as a way to get our guests directly involved in the exhibition opening proceedings.

The sessions were lively and varied where we touched on many of the pressing issues and debates in the photography world. 

Sam was unfortunately taken ill in France just before the #Connected weekend so was unable to make the launch and host the question time session, he asked co-organiser Rob Knight to step in and lead the proceedings.

Here you can catch up on the podcasts of the question time sessions, day one is live now and day two will be live in around ten days time.

Please also keep an eye out over the coming weeks / months for our archive of recorded guest speaker videos over the last few years, they will all be live on the site for your continued inspiration and enjoyment very soon.