#Connected2015 Meet The Artists Part 3 - Rob Knight

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Meet The Artists (Part 3)


Well here we are with our next in the series of the meet the artist for #Connected2015 and this time we say hi to  co-curator and co-organiser Rob Knight. Rob's work will be familiar to many with his own distinct style of black and white photography although he does shoot colour work too. Rob's #DarkVisions exhibition which  which opened at Patchings last year has been invited for a three week stint at the prestigious Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton kicking off on the 3rd October 2015. 

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Download the Joe Cornish Gallery 2015 exhibition schedule

So without further a do, we shall press on with meeting our third #Connected photographer and see if it's cake or biscuit for them!


Name: Rob Knight

Thanks for taking a few minutes to tell us a little more about your self photographically, who are your photographic influences both historically and contemporary?

Herbert Ponting, Michael Kenna, Bill Brandt, Simon Roberts, Martin Parr Ian Forsythe, Kenro Izu, NIcki Sixx (former musician), Keith Pattison and Martin Jenkinson. I love black and white work, the way it conveys mood and emotion thus many of the photographers who's work I love is predominantly black and white.

I also love the work of togs who portray the everyday in a very engaging style of documentary photography.


Thinking about your creative photographic journey, what are your aims for the coming year or two?

Well, in between already working on 2016 and the 2017 10th anniversary #Connected exhibitions, I have kick started a project that I have been researching and reading around for over 12 months.

I have my solo #DarkVisions exhibition invited to show at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton so have plenty of multi media work to concentrate on the compliment this.

I also have a couple of collaboration ideas bubbling under at the moment bringing together different art forms and maybe challenging a few pre-conceptions ;-) *watch this space* 


As a photographer tell us about a location that you have a real affinity or connection to, why is this?

This is something I have been exploring a lot recently as part of my 'The Experiential Landscape' talk / presentation and essay. I do find I am drawn to areas that have an industrial edge to them and juxtapose the landscape with our interaction, impact on and reaction to.

I feel especially at home out on the Gare (South Gare) on Teesside and never tire of returning, exploring and connecting with this location. I also have a close affinity to some of the industrial heartlands of Sheffield and the old mining villages across Yorkshire / Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire - again it's about the experience and human interaction and stories within these locations.


A lot of photographers talk about how they use other arts such as music to connect with their creative side or drive their inspiration, tell us about some artists, albums or tracks which you listen to when trying to get into your 'creative zone'.

I love music and if I am out on my own shooting I will either be singing (badly) or humming to myself or I will have my iPod on with tunes that I find inspiring or drive a certain mood.

One album I love listening to when getting into my creative zone is Seamonsters by The Wedding Present, it has a real dark and moody edge to it and really fits into a parity with my dark and moody mono work.

I also love listening to Richard Hawley both from a musical perspective with his real classic style but also from a lyrical point of view and his connection with a geographic area.

If I had to choose say 3 or 4 songs as examples of my creative tunes I'd choose:

Octopussy by The Wedding Present
Just Like The Rain by Richard Hawley
Beasley Street by John Cooper Clarke
Everyday Is Like Sunday by Morrissey (love the mundaneness of the video and lyrical bleakness)

Also more recently and not strictly music but spoken word and poetry, a guy I produced some images for Pitman Poet Tony 'Goodes' Goodwin has recently released his first CD of his poetry that has some stunning tracks on it, my personal favourite being 'Star Man'. You can see Tony deliver his superb, gritty and mercurial style of modern poetry and that track below:

If you ever thought poetry was boring and not in touch with the people then I'd definitely urge you to spend a fiver and grab a copy of Tony's stunning CD 'Love n Loss'. South Yorkshire's very own answer to John Cooper Clarke!

Once again thinking about your creative journey, what first sparked an interest in photography for you?

I remember as a kid getting hold of my Grandad's really old box brownie style camera and being amazed at the process of 'seeing' the world around me and being able to capture it (if very naively skill wise).

I also remember getting an old 110 camera for Christmas one year, I found it a couple of years ago too clearing out my old cupboard at my Mum and Dads when they were moving), getting out and capturing everyday life was brilliant. I then progressively borrowed subsequent cameras of my Dads ;-)


Do you have any other 'creative' interests which may or may not link to and inspire your photography?

I am as tone deaf as a block of concrete so only really ever managed the drums, but I love listening to music and find it has so many parallels to my creativity and photography. I also love urban punk poetry, I'm not sure I could write much of any sense but again love the grittiness of it and this is one of the collaborations I am keen to explore with my photography.


Thinking about the array of images we see on the internet and social media from photographer friends and connections, can you think of an image you have seen over the last few months which has made you really stop, look and think 'hey wow I really love that image'?

That's a really tricky one to be honest, I see so many images that capture my imagination in so many different ways....... I love Kevin Marstons ME/ICM work especially 'City Living' it's probably older than the last few months but it really was an image that stopped me in my tracks.

Also this image by Al Brydon was a real 'BOOM!' moment  and one of many reasons I asked Al to write a piece for the #Connected2015 eBook.


.... and finally, can you consider one piece of advice you would give to anyone early in their photographic or creative journey?

Remember it is your eye, how you see and how you experience any location that helps you become inspired and make an image, not the badge on the kit or the value of it....... too many get far t hung up on kit. I'm happy to make images on the kit I have with me at the time and utilise it to help me create my vision......... it doesn't constrain me.

Also be true to yourself, your passion and intimacy with your work will always shine through and it should always be for you never to please someone else or to conform to a trend or 'crowd'.


Oh and a couple of really important additional questions here ;-) ........ who would be your ideal dinner party guests (6) dead or alive?

David Gedge (Wedding Present and Cinerama lead and all-round northern genius)

L.S. Lowry - I love his industrial scenes and his landscapes.

Sir Ken Robinson (a man so passionate about creativity, education and helping others)

John Winston Lennon (such genius musically and great wit) 

Sir Richard Arkwright - pioneer and father of the industrial revolution

Brian Clough (football genius and a man who calls a spade a spade and followed only his own path).


Jaffa Cake: cake or biscuit?



Storm Light III by Rob KnightStorm Light III by Rob Knight Spurn Rush by Rob KnightSpurn Rush by Rob Knight  





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