Connected-Exhibition | #Connected2015 Meet The Artists Part 2 - Neil Hulme

#Connected2015 Meet The Artists Part 2 - Neil Hulme

May 12, 2015  •  1 Comment

Meet The Artists (Part 2)


Well here we are with our second meet the artist for #Connected2015 and this time we say hi to Neil Hulme. Neil's work will be familiar to many with his own distinct style of black and white long exposure photography. Neil hails from the north west of England and has recently also launched a collaborative exhibition in Macclesfield:


So without further a do, we shall press on with meeting our second #Connected photographer and see if it's cake or biscuit for them!


Name: Neil Hulme

Thanks for taking a few minutes to tell us a little more about your self photographically, who are your photographic influences both historically and contemporary?

Biggest influences are Rohan Reilly, Stephen Cairns, Mark Littlejohn, Keith Agget.


Thinking about your creative photographic journey, what are your aims for the coming year or two?

This year so far has been a massive step up for me. 2 exhibitions to date and 2 talks to photography society's in the north west.
My biggest aim this year is to possibly get an image in the lpoty book. A big ask but fingers crossed. 


As a photographer tell us about a location that you have a real affinity or connection to, why is this?

The Wirral. Only an hours drive and so much opportunitys to be had round this area. The Wirral has been very kind to me from images from such locations as new Brighton, west kirby, Heswall boat yard, caldy, Moreton. This stretch of coast line is a goldmine for photographers. 


A lot of photographers talk about how they use other arts such as music to connect with their creative side or drive their inspiration, tell us about some artists, albums or tracks which you listen to when trying to get into your 'creative zone'.

I love photography BUT music is my true love. I could talk for hours about my music taste. I'll try and keep it to a couple of lines.
first love of music 1978 Lynyrd Synyrd.
This band has been with me from a teenager untill the present day . Their music still strikes a chord with me and will always be in my soul till the day I die.
Eric Clapton.
Wow not much I can say other than his music has helped me through the some real bad times. When Eric Clapton plays a solo is always touches me deep within my soul.
I could talk for hours about my music and my music heroes but skynyrd and Clapton have been with me through thick and thin and always will be .

Lynyrd Synyrd - Tuesday's gone
Eric Clapton - Have you ever loved a woman 


Once again thinking about your creative journey, what first sparked an interest in photography for you?

My introduction to photography was born from being heavily involved in my 2 sons , it came as a bit of a shock when my two little boys because teenagers and didn't need me anymore, I have a wife who works shifts and I have a great love for red wine. So I needed to find a new interest after playing Rugby all my life.
I bought a little Panasonic and took a 8 week night school course , after 2 weeks I was hooked. 


Do you have any other 'creative' interests which may or may not link to and inspire your photography?

Not really.
I'm a simple man.
Music , photography, and a glass of wine. 


Thinking about the array of images we see on the internet and social media from photographer friends and connections, can you think of an image you have seen over the last few months which has made you really stop, look and think 'hey wow I really love that image'?

Stephen Cairns recent image.
It was one of those moments when I either felt like packing in or rolling my sleeves up and upping my game. 


.... and finally, can you consider one piece of advice you would give to anyone early in their photographic or creative journey?

I use silver efex to edit my b&w images .
Save your own custom pre sets.
Makes life so much easier. I can put an image into silver Efex and with my numerous custom pre sets I know which way I want to go.
Secondly: just enjoy it for what it is. At the end of the day they are just pretty pictures. Nothing more or nothing less 


Oh and a couple of really important additional questions here ;-) ........ who would be your ideal dinner party guests (6) dead or alive?

Ronnie vanzant. Singer from Lynyrd Skynyrd. ( sadly no longer with us )
Eric Clapton
Robert Cray. ( king of the blues)
George Harrison , such a humble legend.
Bob Dylan.
Tom Petty.



Jaffa Cake: cake or biscuit?








Pam & Tom Hulme(non-registered)
Hi Neil - Really enjoyed the exhibition at Alchemy Macclesfield, this is a fabulous read - we wish you every success which is much deserved.
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